Trying to insert an MP4 video into Storyline, but receive an error message that states it is not a supported format.

Jan 30, 2018


I've made a couple of attempts to insert an MP4 video file that is definitely an mp4 file, and Storyline gives me an error message that states, "...does not appear to be a supported video format. Please select a video from one of the supported formats.

I have confirmed from your documentation that MP4 is supported and all other formats are converted to MP4. 

Any suggestions on why this error is occurring will be appreciated.

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Ben Helfen

I'm having this same issue, and found a work around. This only works if you have an already functioning video somewhere in a .story file though.

Right click the functioning video -> click Edit Video -> click Change Video -> Select video that previously was previously causing the error -> click Save & Close. 

Copy and paste that slide to the .story doc you were working on. Hope this helps someone.