Turn off Prev. and Next Button for whole presentation?

Mar 14, 2014

Hi, I have a 40 slide Storyline file that needs to have the Prev. and Next. buttons removed from the interface. Is there any way to to do this all at once rather than having to go to the settings for each individual slide?

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Takeyoshi Nakajima

Thank you all!

I found that I could not again though. I found the difference.

Actually, my target is every single slide in Question Bank. I could not expand every single slide of Question Bank in Story View and this multiple technique did not apply this view.




Takeyoshi Nakajima

Thank you Ashley,

This is what I mean though.

I cannot change next, previous, submit button on multiple slides in question bank at once since no properties are displayed when selecting question bank in the Story view. (I cannot see every single slides in question bank in the Story view.)