Turn off spelling auto correction

I was trying to enter a two letter symbol (tp) with the p sub scripted to represent pessimistic time in a PERT example. Storyline kept changing it to "to" automatically. I instructed the spell checker to add tp to the dictionary, but Storyline still kept automatically correcting the symbol to "to". How can I turn off the auto-correct feature?

PS: How come Storyline is not in your dictionary?

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Learning & Development

Why has Rise started auto-guessing words? It's driving me mad, every start of sentence it guesses and inserts a word after I've typed just a few letters and then places the rest of my word as I type in front of its guessed word . . . . so I get a jumble of letters. It is happening on every interactive block I try to use and when I delete and try to re-type the word I want . . . .  it does it again - argghhhhh