Tutorials - missing videos?

Hi there,

I really love the forum and tutorials and find it all really useful when getting to grips with storyline.

I have found the many tutorial videos particularly useful. However today I noticed that many of the videos are missing?

I noticed that they are Screenr videos and I have also noticed that as of today Screenr has been retired.

Is there a plan to link the tutorials with YouTube videos or something else?

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Liam,

Do you have a link to a specific one? Although screenr is retired the videos should still be working - you just can no longer make new videos. 

If you've got a link handy or a title in mind I can take a look at that and share with our web team to see if something else happened in the video! Thanks. 

Liam Michael Bowyer

Hi Ashley,

The link I had been looking at was:


However after revisiting it now the Screenr is back! 

Earlier today it was showing a Screenr placeholder (which mentioned the Screenr video was missing) - but as I say it is back to normal now so that's great!

Thanks for replying - this is a great forum and the responsiveness of staff and other members is a real plus point for Articulate!


All the best


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Thanks Liam - glad to hear it's working now and it's working for me as well. Hopefully it was just a hiccup and it'll be good going forward. If you see it again, don't hesitate to ping us here in the forums or reach out to our Support team here.  The support staff in the forums are only around certain hours, while our support team is 24/7. 

D. Graham

Hi, Ashley. This issue (with the tutorial Screenr videos not showing on the tutorial pages) seems to be back. I've tested this in Chrome, FF, and IE and get the same result - there's a placeholder for the video but it shows as "Sorry, no screencast here." For example, this is happening on the "Creating Your First Presentation page" at https://community.articulate.com/series/getting-started-with-articulate-presenter-13/articles/creating-your-first-presentation#

Thanks for any help you can provide.