Two SL2 problems relating to questions

Jan 30, 2015

Problem 1 - I have a selection of questions in a several question banks. I would like to use the same question in two ways: firstly as a module test within a module scene (unlimited attempts with feedback per question); secondly as part of a course assessment within an assessment scene (one attempt with no feedback per question). Is there a way to adjust how the same question performs in different scenes or do I have to duplicate each question, amend how it performs and then draw it into the relevant scene?

Problem 2 - How do I set up a multiple choice question that gives a different score (e.g. worst/better/best) to answers when there is no wrong response? Do I need to set up triggers/variables and, if so, can the variables be included in results slide along with template questions? Or is there an easier way?

Grateful for assistance on either/both problems.

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Emily Ruby

Hello Sam,

For the first issue, I would suggest creating 2 banks, and modify each question as it would be needed for each assessment.

As for the second question, if you use Multiple choice, you can add points per question. Change the ScoreĀ drop down to By Choice, and you can add the points for each in the answer panel. These will calculate into the results slide you use for the question.

Sam Lincoln

Hello Emily, my apologies. I replied straight away using the link on the email I received but, on checking, it has not loaded onto the discussion.

Thank you for your advice. I suspected that was the answer to problem 1. I had completely forgotten about the solution for problem 2.

Once again the community comes to the rescue! Thank you and have a nice day.

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