Two triggers on 1 button to change state of variable

I have 1 button that changes a variable (default value of True).

Set variable == false when button clicked. This works as intended.


If I add 2 triggers on 1 button like so.

Trigger 1: Set variable == true when user clicks if variable == false.

Trigger 2: Set variable == false when user clicks if variable == true.

I would have thought that when clicked it would go through the list of triggers for that button and implement the one that the statement was true for.

I thought it may have been because I used a True/False variable for some reason and created another button and set of variables that used a value of on/off. Still didn't work.

The idea was to use 1 button to change a variable based on what it's current status is.


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Gary Collins

Thanks, and I did figure out that workaround.

But logically I don't understand why my way doesn't work in storyline.

If the condition doesn't work out on 1 trigger it shouldn't do anything and then move to the next trigger, if the condition is met in the next trigger than make the change and keep moving down the trigger list if there is more.

Leslie McKerchie

Hello Johan and welcome to E-Learning Heroes :)

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If I've misunderstood, just let me know how I can help :)