Two videos on one layer

Oct 07, 2013

Is it possible to control which out of two videos that will play on a layer? Let's say I have two buttons A and B. If A is clicked var1 is st to true. Can I then say: Play Video A if var1=true. If false, play video B on the same layer? Now the tricky part: Only one video should be visible to the user. As hidden state is not possible on videos I don't know how to solve this problem.

Any ideas?



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Antony Snow

Hi Gustaf,

Without seeing your project, I'm struggling to see why you would want/need to have 2 videos on the same layer. Would it not be easier if you had buttons A and B on your base layer and videos A and B on their own seperate layers?

You could then assign a trigger to each button on the base layer to show the respective layer and therefore only display one (the correct) video at a time without the need to use variables.


Gustaf Sylvin

Hi Antony.

Yes taken out of context it might be hard to understand why.

Some more info:

I am building a sign language test. Each question and each answer will be signed. I have 180 short movies with sign language. This 180 movies will be reduced in speed for "slow readers", giving me another 180 clips. Each sign will also be spoken. I was hoping to place each normal clip, slowed down clip and sound file on one layer. By doing that I could reuse sound file for both clips (no lip sync needed) giving me smaller storyline file size. Also it would reduce number of layers and programming; there will be at least five layers containing normal speed film clips on each page.


Antony Snow

Hi Gustaf,

As you say in your earlier post, states cannot be applied to videos so you can't hide a video using states.

That said, you could put both video's side-by-side and apply a shape that is the same colour as your slide background over each to act as a mask. You could then add triggers to your buttons to change the state of these to hidden depending on which button is clicked. For example;

  • You have 2 videos on a slide called 'video 1' and 'video 2' - under 'Options', each of these are configured to play from a trigger
  • Both videos have a shape on top of them that is hiding them from initial view, called 'video1_mask' and 'video2_mask'
  • You also have 2 buttons called 'button A' and 'button B'
  • 'Button A' will have 2 triggers that are executed when the user clicks on it - one that changes the state of 'video1_mask' to hidden and another to play 'video 1'.
  • 'Button B' will have the same triggers but will hide 'video2_mask' and play 'video 2' 

I know it isn't ideal, but it may work depending on whether your slide layout permits 2 videos side-by-side.


Bruce Graham

I have no memory of how I actually built it at the moment.... (!), however...

If you go to the slide with the cubs all sitting in front of the television with their bicycles piled up, (don't worry - it will all make sense if you watch it....), I created a TV remote-control unit that played multiple videos.

It has 3 channels, with Play and Pause controls, and plays lots of videos of Articulate's own CTO Arlyn Asch on his mountain bike

If the concept is any use I can try and dig out the sourcefile for you.


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