Unable to Add or Edit triggers - Ubiquitous Storyline Error Report

So, here we go again. After a few weeks off I have started some fresh projects and decided to update to the May 24 build. Really like the "Rename and reorder object states so they're easier to find" feature and the enhancements from the April 20 update (Customize the accessibility focus order faster. Select multiple objects, then move or remove them all at once) - all very handy and badly needed updates.

But, continuing the long tradition of Storyline offering up convenient features that have been in demand for years they break other very basic features, like editing Triggers. I have looked through the discussion boards and I am a bit surprised no one else has encountered this glitch.

Every time I try to create a new Trigger I get the dreaded uSER modal - Ubiquitous Storyline Error Report. Here is my existing trigger panel...

Trigger Panel - Original

... and I go through the motions of establishing my trigger...

Trigger Wanted

... only to press OK and get the screen of heartache, indigestion and possible cardiac arrest...

uSER - Ubiquitous Storyline Error Report modal

But, hey, look, I can copy and paste an existing trigger...

... and edit that, right?

Sure... to a point. I now have a Trigger in the panel but I need to edit it to do what I want, so, here I want to remove the extra conditions and change Item_VIEW01 to POPUP_01_ACTIVE and it should be good to go...

... but I press OK...

... and ...

... the computer says no.

Is anyone else having this much fun with Storyline or is it just me who is loving this gift that just keeps on giving (me palpitations, the sweats and heebee jeebees)?

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Maria Costa-Stienstra

Hi, Diarmaid.

Thank you for sharing your .story file!

I opened your project on my end (June Build - 3.65.28121.0), made a few changes to your triggers (removing and adding conditions), and added a few more, and the error didn't occur. 

Since I also haven't seen other reports of this error in the June or May builds of Storyline 360, my initial recommendation is a repair. If you're still experiencing this after the repair, can you get in touch through a support case, as we might be able to look through your logs to investigate what's happening? 

Diarmaid Collins

Hi Maria,

Thank you for responding. I did feel a little bit... 'unique'... being the only one seeing this.

I normally stay 1 or 2 versions behind because I run into issues with each upgrade. But I was so eager to try out the new states thingy I broke my own rule. And paid the price.

I always uninstall and then install the new update, and in this case, something must have gone awry. 

I'm back on the May 3rd build and will stay there for a while.

I keep having to remind myself of this lesson. Thanks again for taking a look. If I am brave enough (after finishing the latest projects) and upgrade and still see this issue I will definitely be in touch.