Unable to preview in SL3

Aug 06, 2018

When I preview a slide, scene or project, I get nothing but a white screen. The project publishes fine, and it was previewing correctly last week?

Did something get corrupted, possibly? Has anyone encountered this?

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Sandy O'Brien

I am having the same or simular issue. A (few) slides in preview mode or when published are just a white screen. In some instances I can move past the white screen then press PREV to see the slide. In some instance the slide appears but locks all navigation as the 3 elipsis continue to pulse.  I to am wondering if something is corrupted. This started last week for me. I'm using Storyline 360.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Sandy and Melinda, 

Are you both using the latest updates of your version of Storyline? Storyline 3 Update 4 and Storyline 360 Update 18? If not, I'd recommend updating first and testing it again.

I've also heard of a genuinely odd issue that impacts both versions, where the preview is blank, and HTML5 output is stuck when there is a trigger to move to a motion path when an object that belongs to group intersects another object. Does that match your slide's setup? If so, I can let our team know that this bug also impacts you and we'll update you here once we have more info.

If that's not a match for your slide setup, we're happy to take a look and test your file. As you mentioned, it may be corrupt, and there are a few known causes of that, but we're always happy to test it too.

Leslie McKerchie

Oh no, Sandy!

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Crystal Horn

Hi Sandy!  Thanks for your file.  I was able to preview the second slide by itself, but I noticed odd behavior when I previewed the whole project.

One thing I noticed was that the Concepts button on the first slide had a trigger to change to an "invalid" state when hovering.  The Concepts button has a Hover state already, and since Hover is a built-in state, you don't need a trigger to use it.

I deleted the trigger, and previewing the whole project worked fine for me.  Can you have a look at the modified file and let me know if that helps?  Thanks!

Sandy O'Brien

Thank you that did indeed correct the problem. Actually a co-worker and resolved the issue ourself this afternoon, but we made three or four changes, and then we weren't sure which change actually corrected the issue. 

I had been so focused on the why that slide did not display, that I was not considering the preceeding slide might have been the cuprit.  


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