Unreliable Adjust Variables

Nov 29, 2016

I built a jeopardy style game with a template that I downloaded on this site. Variables were added to add and/or subtract pre-set scores for 5 teams on the layers. The variables are not reliable.  I also added a scoreboard to show all of the scores at the end of the game with states to change the colors of the winning team. But the states are not working. What am I missing?

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Dave Cox

Hi Amma,

It appears that you are trying to do manual scoring. Is this correct?

The Big A,B,C,D,E blue boxes are buttons without a trigger assigned, and the Plus and Minus symbols are your buttons with triggers to add and subtract the scores. These buttons are very small, and very close to the big A,B,C... buttons. It may be that the wrong button is getting pressed during scoring, because it is hard to tell if you are over the correct target.

Try changing the big buttons that don't have triggers to just shapes instead of buttons. This may help with your issue.

Amma Knight

Dave, Thank you so much for your feedback. I changed the team buttons to shapes and the +/-'s shapes to buttons, and removed the triggers and conditions to highlight the winning scores. The scoring is functioning consistently.

It's good to have this forum for assistance. I have worked on this game for quite some time and resorted to manual scoring, now we can use the online scoring... Project complete!

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