Unwanted beviour in hover states

Dec 15, 2015

I cannot find the same issues elsewhere.  I would like to display text when you hover each image.  I'm using Storyline 2 and the course and the images are all stored locally in the same folder.

When I had initially created a Hover state for each image and removed the image from it and inserted text, the text and the image would flash/blink (unwanted) when you hovered over the image.  I found a thread somewhere a few weeks ago that mentioned that if you have cropped an image, this behaviour could happen.  I deleted the image that was cropped and re-inserted the .jpg or .png and created the Hover state again with just the text for it.  Had the same results.  I created a new slide and started from scratch.  Here is what happened:

- used a text box for "Class" and it is the Initial state and added the wanted info in a text box for the Hover state.  The text in the Hover state does not display when you hover over it

- used the original .jpg for "Update" for the Initial state and added the desired text for the Hover state.  The image still appears when you hover.

- when you hover over the rest of the images, the image/text still flash/blink unwantedly

I could use a marker or layers with triggers, however, I have used markers elsewhere and creating layers with triggers takes longer.  I would like to have variety in the course and not force the user to click so much, along with reduce the amount of time to create a course.

Any ideas?  I have uploaded the slide so you can see what is going on.

Many thanks for your help.

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Walt Hamilton

The blinking behavior you describe is usually caused by having states of different sizes.

For example, if the hovered state is smaller than the original state, when the mouse enters the original state, the object switches to the hover state. Since the hover state is smaller, it registers that the mouse is not over it (has left), and returns to the original state. Since it is bigger, it now registers that the mouse is in it, and switches to hover.

The are other reasons, but troubleshooting should start with this one.

Walt Hamilton

Another cause of blinking is if the hover state contains a text box with no fill, because that state only registers the mouse if it is on the outline (if there is one). I think that may be the case with your project.

The solution is to give your text boxes a fill, then set the transparency to 100%. It looks the same, but now it registers that the mouse is above it, and doesn't switch back and forth, causing the blinking.

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