Updating Storyline after updating PowerPoint

Dec 28, 2012

I'm a newcomer to Storyline, but I like what I see so far. It seems to be much more capable that the previous product I tried (Captivate), although much priceier. One issue that I've run into is that I've imported my Powerpoint slides into Stroyline, added my quiz questions, but I've come across some errors that will require that I have to go back to Powerpoint to correct them. With Captivate, it was closely tied in with Powerpoint, and I could basically edit a PPT slide in Captive, as it would open up an instance of PP. The other way to do that was that if I opened PP and made the change, then opened my Captivate project, it recognized that the PPT file had changed and asked if I would like to reimport the slides, and then ask which slides had changed (not so great, but acceptable). I haven't found any way to do a similar ting in Storyline. Is it possible?

FYI, some of the things that I have to change in Powerpoint are the TTS audio clips that I have. I use Speechover, which is a wonderful tool. It also adds in closed captioning boxes at the bottom which are pretty much in sync with the voice. It's much better than Captivate does it, or other tools that I've tried. I've 'interviewed' many voice personalities, and I use Paul and Julie as voices, and sometime Bridget for a good British accent.

BTW, there are many features that I LOVE about SL, like when the student is going through the course and they stop or their internet connection is broken, SL keeps track of their last slide. HTML5 in SL is much better than Captivate, and once you get the rest of the Powerpoint features (like Motion Paths) done, SL willl be a great product. Thanks

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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Bill. Welcome to E-Learning Heroes!

Thanks for the great feedback! I'm happy to hear that you're enjoying Storyline

I'm sure there's a more delicate way to do what you'd like to accomplish, maybe others can give you some suggestions. However, what I usually do is import the slides I've updated in PowerPoint once I'm in the Storyline file. You won't need to import all of the slides in the PowerPoint file, just the one(s) you've updated. 

The easiest way to do this is to import into the current Scene. Once the new slides are imported, you can remove the old slides (or you can even do it beforehand). 

After you've updated the audio in PowerPoint, open the file in Storyline. Click on the Articulate Menu and click on Import:

In the import window, you can either select all of the slides, or just one slide that contains your new audio. 

Now, if you want to insert the new slides into a new scene you can, but seeing how you're wanting to replace old slides, you may want to insert them into a specific scene.

Note, though, that this doesn't overwrite the old slide. You'll still need to remove the older slide.

Bill Galbraith

Thanks Christine. After playing around with it this weekend, I found that it wasn't too difficult just to reimport one slide and copy it into the existing scene, or if there were a lot of changes, to just reimport the entire PowerPoint presentation, and move the question into the new scene, then delete the old scene.

Thanks for the reply, and Happy New Year.

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