Uploading Articulate Storyline to Sharepoint

May 19, 2016


I'm basically brand new to using Articulate (and am not that tech-savvy otherwise) and am designing training for my company.  We are currently building a Sharepoint site for our company to use internally.  A training folder has been setup for me where I am the admin and all employees have "view only" access.  I want our employees to be able to view any trainings I've created in Articulate.  I was wondering if anyone could post a visual representation (I'm definitely a visual person and it helps me with being able to understand some of the more technical aspects) of how to upload my files to Sharepoint so that my employees are able to view.


Thank you!

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Crystal Horn

Hey there Analie.  I just also wanted to drop some information about SharePoint handling Articulate content, and of course we invite our community to share their experiences with using SharePoint:

You should be able to host Articulate content in SharePoint Server. However, it won't work with SharePoint Online (the Microsoft Office 365 Hosted Edition), since it doesn't support HTML files.

If you're using SharePoint Server, check with your SharePoint administrator for instructions on how to upload HTML content. Depending on your version of SharePoint, you may need to switch to an "explorer view" before uploading content, or you may need to "check in" content after uploading. Your administrator will know for sure.

If you need to track learners' progress and results, publish your Articulate content for LMS (SCORM) and use SharePoint's free Learning Kit:

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