Uploading published Storyline 360 files to Microsoft Teams

Hi! I'm hoping others have experience with this since I'm running into walls in my research.

My institution is getting rid of its shared network drives and moving to a mix of Sharepoint through online Office 365 and Microsoft Teams.

I've found some help in how to get published Storyline 360 projects into Sharepoint, but is it possible to put published files into Teams?

When in our (soon to be extinct) shared network drives, I'd copy and paste the published Storyline 360 file from my local drive and put it in the shared network drive. I'd then copy and paste the file/folder pathway in an email and send it off to a coworker who was able to locate the file and then upload it into the server. Is there a way to do this same thing in Microsoft Teams?

My instincts say to upload a published Storyline 360 file from my local drive into Teams, and then tell my coworker what team it is in, and then to look under the Files section for that team. Then, they'd be able to download it to their local drive and put it in the server. Am I right in thinking that?


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