Uploading published Storyline content to my website

Can any one give me directions on how to upload a storyline project to my website. My site is a Wix website and I would like clients to be sent a link that will allow them to access a storyline project that they can then use on their mobile phones as a tool for certain tasks they are carrying out. It will act as a mind jogger for a training program that they  have already done.

I have no problems in publishing to web when publishing the project but really am lost on how to then set the published content up on my site, or possibly assist clients to set it up on their web site 

Any help appreciated

Thanks in advance




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Crystal Horn

Hi Peter!  Here's an example discussion linking out to some other folks' solutions for integrating your content with Wix.

Generally speaking, your course can be uploaded in a web domain that accepts multiple-file outputs.  If you're limited to single file uploads to your web space, you won't be able to host the Storyline course directly on that site.