Uploading Storyline to Wordpress Web - Scroll Bars?

Jun 18, 2012

Hello. I recently uploaded two courses, created in Presenter, to my Wordpress website. They worked fine. Today (yes, in less than 1 day! - LOVE IT) I converted one to Storyline. I uploaded it to my Wordpress site, but only half of the course appears, and there are scroll bars now which enable you to see the whole course. I tried different settings when publishing the file (display at current users browser size, lock at optimal size, etc) but nothing seems to work. Any ideas??? 

PS - if you need to see the site, you can see it at http://www.lxgmgmt.com/human-resources-and-training/

The one on top (Drug Free Workplace) is the one created in Storyline and has the scroll bars. The one below - was done in Presenter.

PS I love Storyline! It's so easy to use. 

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