Uploading Storyline3 web published to Sharepoint. Unable to do so.

I am trying to upload my storyline3 web published folder to sharepoint 365. I've tried uploading the SL3 content in sharepoint through upload windows explorers  option in classic format . It is creating a local file and opening in my system only .The link comes as file:// sharepoint/content. Unable to open in other systems. When I am converting html to aspx , after clicking the link , it prompts to save the file in local drive and does not play.  Please help.

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Audette S

I am having the same issue.  I cannot publish my Articulate Storyline 3 in SharePoint 2019.

We use to have Articulate Storyline 1 and SharePoint 2013 and never had any issues.

I have been researching and trying everything I can find without any success.

I submitted a Case (ticket) with Articulate and I am hopeful that they will have a solution.  I have to agree with John who mentions that Articulate should create a TAB to publish to SharePoint.

If anyone have any solution, it would be very much appreciated.