URGENT error - Results.ScorePoints variable disappeared from project

I've got a project being sent for translation tomorrow which has a quiz using the built-in Results.ScorePoints variable. When I duplicated a scene (containing the quiz) it's deleted the score variable from my project, meaning the quiz has broken.

As I say, this is being sent for translation TOMORROW and it's for a client, so needs resolving ASAP.

I'm using Storyline 360.

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Tom W

I figured out a workaround - I had to create a new results slide and reprogram all the variables on the existing results slide. Sadly the project is now going to miss the deadline.

Could someone look into fixing all the bugs that are caused by copying and pasting / duplicating slides as a matter of urgency please? It's broken literally hundreds of our projects with workarounds pushing our deadlines back by weeks. To be honest I'm pretty appalled that the 'industry standard' elearning software can't handle a function as basic as copying and pasting without breaking everything. At this point I'm considering reverting back to Adobe Captivate.

Ren Gomez

Hi Tom,

I'm really sorry you've missed your deadline running into broken variables while trying to complete your course. I'm sure it's frustrating to think you're almost done until certain elements don't function as expected!

I'm not sure if you've connected with our support team regarding this file, but I've started a case on your behalf for our team to take a closer look. Here's your personal upload link here.

I'm glad you could work around the issue by recreating your results slide, but perhaps our team can provide more insight into why copying/pasting can result in variables breaking within your file. Once you upload your file, they'll get immediately notified and will reach back out soon after.

Please know our support engineers are always willing to help and can be easily reached at articulatecase.com!