URGENT HELP REQUIRED! Uploading Storyline 2 course to Thinkific

Oct 14, 2018

Despite the publishing instructions I can't upload my Storyline 2 course to Thinkific (my client's LMS). The course delivery is now late.

What's worse is I suggested Thinkific to my client after reading that it's compatible with Storyline. Their support simply refers me to the old instructions (which oddly refer to SL1 and 360, but not SL2).

Plus it's Sunday 3am in Vancouver now, so I am unlikely to even get another response before my extended deadline - 9 am Monday AEDT (just 11 hours away local time). Can anyone advise??  

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Matthew Bibby

I haven't used Thinkific before, but it looks like it should work find with Storyline content.

The instructions that mention SL1 and SL360 should apply equally to SL2. I can't see any reason why the upload process would differ.

How are you publishing your course? Have you published for LMS using SCORM 1.2? Or something different?

shane traynor

Hi Matthew,

Thanks for your help!!

Yes, I'd have thought SL1/SL2 should publish the same way. And I published for LMS using SCORM 1.2 (as I would normally) and also for Web (as they requested) and then zipped both. Also, Thinkific does not support SCORM or TIN CAN files/reporting.

Apparently they then 'prepare' the files and send the links.   

Their instructions are: https://help.thinkific.com/support/solutions/articles/220848-importing-adobe-captivate-articulate-storyline-and-other-multimedia-content-to-your-course

And they simply refer to the articulate site:   https://community.articulate.com/series/articulate-storyline-1/articles/publishing-a-project-for-web

Anything jump out at you?

Do you think I should include AICC as an output option perhaps? Or do I need to run updater (although my antivirus has kinda blocked it)?



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