Urgent: Need help with layers and variables

Oct 01, 2015

Hello E-Learning Heroes

I need some help with my Storyline-2 object. You'll find it as a download file.

I doesn't work as it should, but I don't understand why. Maybe someone there can help.

What I need is:

  1. User select 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 stars from the left. At the same time, meening of this (1 star = below expectations, 2 stars = met most expectations, etc.) will be shown bellow the stars with a colored textbox.
  2. When user is done, he clicks on the "submit" button.
  3. The result will be shown depending on the stars clicked. 1 star=red cross + text, 2 stars=yellow exclamation mark + text, 3 stars=green mark + text, 4 and 5 stars red cross + text
  4. When 3 stars are choosen, the figure "Mary" changes state to "Thumb up"
  5. User can retry by clicking on the button "Retry". Results should only appear when clicking on "Submit".
  6. Button "Back to case study" is for users who want to re-read the case study.
  7. Player next button will go to next case study (not in this file).

As you can see if you open the document, it doesn't react properly.

Any idea how to solve this issue?


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Jan Vilbrandt

Hi Erik,

there would be surely a solution to your problem... but your Triggers look rather difficult.

What about a different way of creating your slide?

I have added an easy example which may solve your wishes on an easier way.

Benefit: you do not need so many "if clauses" and you will not have the problem that the lerner will click on the first and the last star which is possible in your solution (this does not look nice).

There is one variable which stores the number of stars: number_of_stars.

Hope, this will help you...

Adding a replay button is not difficult.... just reset the variable to 0 and jump to the slide again (do not Forget to set the slide to "reset to Initial" when reentering -> Slide Properties).



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