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Mar 04, 2014


I encountered a problem using a dictionary to check spelling. 

In working with the program we have to use other languages​​, not part of the program, such as Russian. When writing text in this language occurs underlining. Do Russian dictionaries for use in the program? In Articulate Storyline is possible to connect Custom Dictionaries and Main Dictionaries Language (format *. Clt, *. Tlx), what should be the format of the dictionary? When connecting dictionaries MS Office *. Dic and *. Lex check does not work. 

Who can tell? Thank you!

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Mikhail and welcome to Heroes!

I certainly understand the frustration of not having the Russian language built in, and if you'd like to see it included as a built in option I'd suggest sharing your thoughts here in the form of a feature request.

As for where to find a custom dictionary that you could add, I'll defer to the community on what they've used and prefer.

Alex Kapustin

Hello  Ashley.

Dictionaries are used articulate have a special format and are located in a special folder LES
see screenshot
articulate Language Dictionary has three file
* .tlx
* .utlx

plug-Russian dictionaries are not perceived by the system because it does not fit.


to work with articulate need a special dictionary


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Alex,

It would need to be a .dic file  and you could upload it as described here: 

If you click Custom Dictionaries on the Spelling Options window (see above), the following window appears.


  • Create a new dictionary: Click New. Type a name for your new dictionary in theFile name field, then click Save. The new dictionary will appear in your dictionary list, and you can add words to it as needed.
  • Add a dictionary that already exists on your computer: This option is for cases in which you've obtained a .dic file from someone else. Click Add, browse to the .dic file, and click Open. The dictionary will appear in your dictionary list, and you can modify it as needed.
Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Ivan, 

I don't have information to share in terms of a road map or product plans, but it is something you're welcome to share with our Product team. I haven't heard of folks having difficulty adding the dictionary though - did you also test to see if it appeared in Word or Powerpoint? Also, Russian is a language as a part of the player text labels, so I'd expect it to work within the dictionary if added in correctly. 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Alex, 

It's not built in, but others have added in a Russian dictionary before - and I didn't see any additional response from Ivan in regards to how it wasn't working for him.  Did you try installing a dictionary as the top of this discussion walks through? What occurred when you did that? Are you able to share these files with our Support Engineers? 

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