Use of Jump Page in variables.

Jul 24, 2017

I am revising an e-learning course and the previous developer (in AS2) used a variable that references a "jump page" when the user clicks Next and a condition is met.

I am in Storyline 360 and the (developer created) Next button does not work correctly, as it moves to incorrect slides. Do I need to add additional page numbers and map it to a condition to jump to the appropriate slide or scene?


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Alyssa Gomez

Hi there Pia! It looks like you inherited quite the project! 😉 

It can be really challenging to take on a project that someone else developed, especially when variables like this are involved. Can you tell if the "jumpPage" variable is needed? Would it be possible to simplify the navigation and remove that variable?

It would be helpful if we could see the project file itself to better understand why the "jumpPage" variable was included. Would you be willing to share the file here?

Pia Meyers

I will attach a file to this post. I am not familiar enough with the use of variables yet to know if I can remove them or not. Any help you can supply will be appreciated. I also have problems with the Failure and Success variables on the Results slide. I don’t understand why I need 4 variables with differing conditions.

Alyssa Gomez

Hi again Pia!

I took a peek into your file, and it looks like you want to keep the "jumpPage" variable. That is what creates the little green checkmarks on the slide-out menu. Without the variable, those checkmarks would disappear. 

Can you give me specific slide numbers where you see the next button isn't working correctly? I found that it navigated to the correct slides in my testing. 

Finally, it looks like you're missing a "Results_2.ScorePoints" variable. You may need to insert a new results slide to generate new variables, then copy all of the slide objects from the original results slide onto the new results slide.

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