User controlled animation exit

May 20, 2015

Hello: New to StoryIine!

I have a “directions box” graphic coming in with a slide. I want it so when the user clicks the ‘x’ on the graphic, it disappears from the slide…but all the other information already on the slide stays in place. I was thinking of cue points, but since the graphic should be coming in right when the slide starts anyway, not sure if I need that. I also want this to be user controlled, and not just have it fade out through the timeline.

Is there a good or better way to approach this type of animation? Thanks!

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Trina Rimmer

Hi Kristofer. Welcome to Storyline! As you may have guessed there are a number of ways to tackle the same thing. 

Gary's suggestion is spot on and layers are a really powerful Storyline feature.

You could also use states to hide the graphic element. By default, the graphic is in a normal state, but you could add a trigger that's activated by your learner clicking the X. This trigger would simply change the state of that graphic to hidden, leaving all of the other onscreen graphics untouched. Here's a quick how-to article on states that might help


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