User-controlled auto-advance

Dec 03, 2012

Here's a tricky one for you: I'm looking for a way for the user to turn on or off the auto advance feature for the entire course. So, in my head I'm thinking of a button at the beginning that says "turn off auto-play" and the user can check it if they'd rather not have the slides auto-advance. Possible? 

Ideally, this same button would also turn off the narration, but I mustn't get greedy. 

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Jeff Kortenbosch

I'd say there are 2 ways you can consider.

  • Branching: Create a duplicate slide set of the entire course where you remove the audio track and set the slide settings to advance automatically.
  • Make the user choose up front and have 2 separate modules. 

Both are far from ideal as they require to duplicate slides and will make maintenance a nightmare.

I haven't seen any smart way do do it with triggers in Storyline but maybe there is...

Christine Hendrickson

Hi Katie,

I think this is a great idea, especially if you have a lot of content and want to give the user the choice to move on their own or be "guided" through the course. 

I threw together a very quick example. I did the same thing Jeff mentioned with duplicating the slides. You really don't have to change much after duplicating, just the advancing options.

I attached the file if you want to see it. If you want to see the published version, you can see it here.

The second option that Jeff suggests may be your best option, if you're working with a very large course. 

I'd love to see what you come up with, though! Keep us updated.

Michael Fimian

I've used Jeff's approach, and while cumbersome, it works well.  The only downside (other than cloning the branch, is that if you change one side in the non-audio branch, you need up doing the same in the audio branch...

I'm certainly going to look at Mike's variable version, though;  sound like it'd save a lot of time!  If it works, I can use it on three projects I'm in the middle of first thing in the morning...

Thanks all;  you learn something new every day...

Katie Venit

Hi everyone! Thanks for the help, I think this will work, I really do! However, I'm trying Phil's idea of putting the triggers on the slide masters (which is a terrific idea), but I'm having trouble getting the triggers to "push" through to the slides. I can see the triggers on the masters, but they don't appear on the slides for those masters. I tried reapplying those masters (switching to a different master and switching back) and even closing and reopening storyline. I feel like I must be doing something wrong, I'm just not sure what.

Leslie McKerchie

Hi and welcome to E-Learning Heroes!

This thread is a bit dated as is Jeff's last response. You are welcome to reach out to the user directly via the 'Contact Me' option on the user profile if you wish as I'm not sure he would still be subscribed here.

It may be best to post the issue that you are wanting assistance with and I'm sure that there are members of the community that will be able to assist you.

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