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Jun 10, 2016

Just wondering if any of you out there are around the San Diego area and north that might be interested in forming an Articulate Storyline Users' Group?

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Sylvia Wright

Thanks Leslie!!!  I did connect last year at DevLearn with the Articulate team.  That's when I purchased SL2 and they were SOOO helpful!  I am looking forward to DevLearn again this year!  Thanks for the link.  Sigh, no new groups in the SoCal area. Laura Brown and I are hoping to find a couple of other users and get a group started. :) there a way to connect with Tom Kuhlmann?  I've tried a couple of potential links on his postings, but no success.  I'm hoping to make the Seattle Roadshow in August and had some questions.  Not a big deal, just wondering.

Tom Kuhlmann

Hello Sylvia,

I checked my emails and have no record of any communication from you. But that's OK. Send me an email via tkuhlmann at articulate and I can answer any questions you have. 

Also, on the user group form. We collect names and when we get at least 10, we try to get the people connected. We can chat about that as well. 

Sylvia Wright

Thanks much, Tom.  I didn't email since I didn't know the address.  I used the forms provided on a couple of websites you are connected with, but that's okay.  I'll drop an email soon.  Thanks for the info on how you handle forming user groups.  THAT helps!  I hope we can get one going for San Diego/North County.  I hope to connect F2F in August in Seattle.  THANKS

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