Using a lightbox to zoom into a simulation and navigate from there

May 20, 2013

We have been creating screencast simulations to walkthrough our software.  Many of our students have had a hard time seeing and clicking on areas of the recording.  I would like to incorporate a "Zoom in" function to our course to help the learner out.  We do not want to have to recapture screenshots, or recreate all of our simulations, so we have been trying to get the "zoom Region" to work for us.

My solution so far has been to:

1: pause the base layer with the use of a new layer and show this layer at the start of the timeline

2: have a "zoom in" button on the base layer

3: put a zoom region on the base layer that starts a half second into the timeline

4: lightbox the slide I am currently on when the button gets clicked (i.e I am on 1.11 and I am lightboxing slide         1.11)

5: have a new layer that hides the paused layer so that the base layer plays in the lightbox

     (this shows when the timeline starts as well but with a condition looking to see if the layer is lightboxed)

6: have a hot spot that moves me on to the next slide in the simulation...  the idea is that the hotspot will work in either the zoomed in lightbox or on the base layer.

this all works as planned except for the navigation.  If I click my hotspot not in the light box I go on to the next slide as planned.  If I click the hotspot in the lightbox I too go to the next slide but inside of the lightbox.  no finagling will let me close the lightbox and go on to the next slide.  I don't want my learners to have to close the zoomed in lightbox to click the hotspot as this doesn't fix the problem of not being able to see and click...  

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