Using a Rise Cover Photo setup in Storyline

Hi,  I have a cover photo in a Rise course that I'd like to use in Storyline, but am not sure how I can get it working there.

I downloaded a cover photo in Rise (a rotary telephone) that has a light gray (gradient) background. However it shows in the course preview as a darker gray (which I very much prefer). I have HEX 898989 (gray) as the course's accent colour, but don't know if that affected it.

I've been trying to get that look in Storyline but can't figure it out. I found the image in Storyline's Content Library to download, but it has the light gray background. I've tried transparencies, but can't get it to look the same as the Rise look. I'd copy/paste the cover photo, however it has text I don't want copied over to Storyline. Is there any way to hide the title/start course/details text temporarily so it can be copied over?

Any ideas?  I've attached snapshots of the orig cover photo and how it looks in Rise.



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Tom Kuhlmann

When you insert a cover photo in Rise you have the option to add text contrast which overlays the image.

You can insert the image in Storyline. Then add a shape filled with black over it. Then change the shape transparency to match the Rise look. 

In Storyline, if you format picture, you'll see some blending options, but I think the shape overlay is easier.