Using a state to change a true/false variable, which then triggers feedback

Aug 24, 2016

I am looking to have my participants choose their responses from a list of possible answers.  The answers are shapes that change state from "normal" to "selected" when the user clicks on them.  I have created true/false variables (default false) that are triggered to change to "true" when the user changes the state of a shape to "selected", due to the user clicking on it, and to change back to "false" if the shape changes to "normal", due to the user clicking on it again (to deactivate it).

I then reference those true/false variables in a final slide.  Various feedback layers are triggered to display based on the value of their associated true/false variable.  So, each true/false variable has its own layer on the final slide that will only be shown if that variable equals true.

I'm having a really difficult time getting this to work.  I've even added dummy layers on each slide, triggered to show an icon once a variable has changed, and one one slide the variable will change to "true", and trigger the "true check" icon/layer, but will not change to "false" and trigger "false check" icon/layer.  On the next slide, the opposite occurs, where both the "true check" and "false check" icon/layers appear as soon as I click on the image, which should only change the variable to "true", and only display the "true check" icon/layer.

I'm stuck!  Any help would be much appreciated...

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Walt Hamilton

You may be doing a lot of work that SL will do for you.

Try this trigger:


It toggles the value of a T/F variable much the same way the selected state is toggled by clicking. Use it, and it is click and the variable is True; click again and it is False. It will match the selected state, and you don't have to do anything. Well, except delete all the other triggers that you don't need.


Leslie McKerchie

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