Using a trigger to start an animation?

Apr 08, 2019

I thought I could use a trigger to play an animation, but I'm not seeing it as an option.

I'm trying to have an exit animation play before a layer is hidden when user clicks the "X".

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David Schwartz

One way to do it would be to set a trigger for the layer to pause the timeline at a certain point, like 0.5 seconds (time depending on whether you have any entrance animations on the layer). You'd want to make it as short as possible, to prevent the user from clicking the "X" before the timeline is paused, or simply have the "X" not appear until just before the pause.

Then create two additional triggers: Resume the timeline when the user clicks the "X," and Hide the layer when the layer's timeline ends. Make the timeline short enough that it ends as soon as your exit animation is completed.



David Schwartz

I think it's because the timeline on the layers was pretty short. I extended it by a tad over 0.5 seconds, made the timeline pause at 0.55 seconds. Now you should see the spin before the group shrinks. What was happening was that the spin was starting at the same moment as the shrinking group. Now it's more obvious.

David Schwartz

Turns out that to make the object animate on hover, you need to make a copy of the object within the state after creating the hover state (or at least that's the only way I could make it happen), and then add the enter animation to that copy within the hover state. Phil, it looks like that's how you did it as well.

Jeni, I replaced your icons with images that are not transparent in the middle, as the base icon shone through under the animation. But they do have the hover animation working. Also, had to ungroup the icons from the main group, as otherwise, the hover animation was triggered by hovering anywhere over the group. Lastly, I had to shorten the length of the icons on the timeline, because otherwise the hover state was triggered again after clicking them because the mouse was still there. 

David Schwartz


It took me a while to find it the other day. It's in the master, on the layer called Animated. You have to not only edit the states of the icons, but actually click on the object within the hover state to see the animation.

Look at what I sent the other day, because it's done there as well, but in the slides.

Mick Philipsen

Hi Marc, this seems an older thread (and I happened to land here too), though as you don't seem to have a response, I thought I'd give it a try...

Check out the Slide Master of Phil's file (you can find this under 'View'). There is a layer (called Activated) which you activate when you click on 'Menu'. Within the 'Activated' layer on the Slide Master, the three little white circles (those that turn red and rotate upon hovering) with the rectangles in them (which actually seem to be a character rather than a shape) have two states; normal and hover. The hover state has the Spin entrance animation on the shape.

Hope his helps!