Using "and" and "or" in a single trigger and not evaluating as expected

Jan 21, 2020


I have built a multi-select that gives the learner 3 tries to get it correct.  So I have two incorrect feedback layers to trigger.  I am trying to use a combination of "ands" and "ors" in one condition and it's not evaluating as I would expect.  

The logic is:

Show layer Feedback #1, if CorrectAnswer1 = false; OR CorrectAnswer2 = false; OR CorrectAnswer3 = false; AND variableTries < 3.

Show layer Feedback #2, if CorrectAnswer1 = false; OR CorrectAnswer2 = false; OR CorrectAnswer3 = false; AND variableTries = 3.

I have tried inverting the logic, so the AND condition comes before the OR's, but still doesn't work.

Also, I am displaying all variables on screen as I test, and they are in fact adjusting properly.  But no matter what the variables actually equals, Feedback #2 will display.  UNLESS I disable the trigger, and then Feedback #1 will display.

What am I doing wrong??

Thanks ahead for any help.

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Mary-Scott Hunter

I just ran into another problem and feel like I'm nuts.  But am trying to subtract 1 from a number variable when the condition of another variable is met.  Again, the condition seems to be ignored.  The number is subtracted regardless of the condition.

The trigger is very simple.  Subtract 1 from VariableX, when timeline starts, IF variable Y is True.  Again, I have the variables on screen to double check.  But even when variable Y is False, the subtraction takes place...

Heavy sigh..

Mary-Scott Hunter

Thanks so much for your quick response.  I've attached the file.  My challenge is the way I've constructed this mess, I need to subtract the value on a layer and my only ideas were either on the Close button (which also failed) or timeline starts.  

Appreciate your willingness to look at this.  Apologize for the spaghetti set of triggers and variables.

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