Using Audio and animation - way to speed up animation if there is no audio playing?

Hi all

sorry if this has been asked before but here goes...

I have a course with a voice over and text timed to appear with the voice over, I also have a toggle that turns the audio on or off (variable) this all works fine BUT with the audio off the text still animates into view as if following the voice over, problem is the text appears slow without the voice over.

Trying to work out a fix, can I speed up the timeline when audio is off? or has anyone else got some clever idea?

Thanks all!

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi James,

There isn't a way to speed up the slide timeline if the user has turned off the audio. Perhaps you could set the audio as an option at the start of the course and then branch the user down a particular track based on that choice? The no-audio section could have shorter overall timeline length and animations.