Using Azure to host Storyline content

May 05, 2021

I'm looking for some help with hosting Storyline content in Azure.  

Our set up is that we have an LMS that does not allow for direct upload of a SCORM.  The only online SCORM hosting service the LMS works with is far too expensive for the large numbers of learners we have. 

As a work-around, I have published my storyline content as html and then uploaded that to Google Cloud.  I then embed the URL into the LMS and this is working perfectly.  

The problem is that my organisation wants me to use Azure to host the content rather than Google.  I've tried a couple of things, like uploading the content as an Azure Blob but I can't find a way to make it work.  The story link just takes me to a black screen. It seems that when I upload the files to Azure, they don't stay organised into individual folders, but end up as one big list of files. 

Has anyone done this before?  I'd love it if anyone had some advice or if you can think of another way around the problem. Thanks in advance! Kim. 

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