Using Controls and variables to customize learning stream

I can visualize in my head what I want to happen, but can't wrap my head around how to build it in SL2.

I have a course for a Health Authority to train staff on various aspects of managing a client/patients participation in a support group.

I've broken the course down into 15 identifiable and measurable activities.

Here is the issue, there are a wide variety of programs, departments and/or locations within those programs, and individual roles within the departments/locations. So of those 15 identified activities any one person could be required by the scope of their role to need to know anywhere from a single activity to all 15 activities. As well, many of the learners would already know some of the activity functions from previous

My solution that I envision is 15 distinct scenes (1 for each activity), that are done in linear fashion (as some of the activities might be pre-resiquite for a next activity). What I would like a learner to be able to do is when they access the course, just after reviewing the learning objectives a table would show (picture of a list done in excel), with 15 radio button controls on the left side of the table, defaulted to the "selected" state. Learners would be instructed to select or deselect all activities that apply for their role/experience. If selected a true/false variable attached to the control would make the kinked scene accessible, If de-selected, the scene would be bypassed.

End goal is too allow the learner to select their own eLearning stream, based on what they need to learn for their role and what they already know.

Any thoughts or ideas?

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Walt Hamilton

Here is a mockup of a course that allows different learners to progress through it on different paths. You may want to use a different method of choosing the user's class, but it may give you some ideas.

The biggest problem you will face is the temptation to calculate all the possibilities, when you only need to deal with one activity at a time.

After the user chooses their activities, you need 16 triggers, but they must be in order. First, if scene 1 is selected, jump to scene 1, etc, but sure they are in order. Last, jump to end of the course.

At the end of scene 1 repeat, except you can delete the jump to scene 1 trigger.

If you attach these triggers to a button, you can copy it and paste it to the end of each scene, and it will carry all the triggers with it. At the end of each succeeding scene, I would delete the trigger that jumps to that scene and the ones before it, but that is only to make it easier to do maintenance later.