Using cue points

Sep 06, 2016

I have a  question again today.

 I have one text box (story) with 5 sentences.  I have one audio to go along with the text.  In the past I divided the audio and connected that with the sentence that it goes with (I made a state for each sentence so that it is bold and a different color as it is being read). This works fine, but I thought I saw something that used cue points with the audio.  This would be faster, but I can't find how to hook the cue points with the sentence.  IS this possible.

Thanks everyone

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Ron Price

Yes, it is possible.

The trick is that you first need to animate the object.  You can choose any animation.  If you do not want your text to look animated - choose Fade and reduce your duration.

Choose effect options, the "By Paragraph".

This will add a small little arrow next to the item on the timeline.  You can use that arrow to expand your item and sync each line separately.  See pics.  Let me know if you need a video and I can "replay" it for you.


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