Using dials as part of an assessment

Jun 01, 2020

Hello, I would like to use dials as part of an assessment. 

E.g. The correct answer layer will show when Dial 1 = 3, Dial 2 = 3

However, I can't seem to get this to work. I have set up a true/false variable that changes when the dials are at these values and a trigger to then show the 'correct' layer when this variable changes to true. 

What am I missing? 



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Leonie Lawson

Thank you for your reply. When I drill down in to the variables I can see that dial 3 and 4 are referenced, however I cannot see where or how this has happened in the triggers panel or from the items on the slide. Everything refers to dial 1 & 2 and those at the dials showing on the slide. Where has the 3 & 4 come from and where can I change this? Very odd. 

Richard Mulcahy

At one time you may have copy and past or deleted and added a new dial.

Easy fix. Select the dial on the slide that you want to be dial1. Then go to the top menu and select design under Dial Tools. On the top left you will see the variable name with a drop down pick list. Select dial1. Then so the same step for dial2 on your slide.

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