Using Homegroup to work on SL files - a good idea?

Nov 01, 2012

I do all my production work on a PC but would now like to access the same files on my laptop - including course resources and SL files.  Naturally this can be achieved over a Homegroup as well as other means, e.g. Dropbox, Skydrive, GDrive, etc. Now, while I love the latter for sharing documents, I don't trust any of them when it comes to sharing production files, e.g. PPT (with Studio stuff) and SL.  

Have just been testing connectivity/speed etc and I'm very impressed.  I think what I'd do to (hopefully) defend against file integrity issues is copy the latest production file onto the machine I'm about to work with > do the necessary work > save locally > then push a copy onto the other machine.

Is anyone else doing this successfully?  Likewise, is anyone trusting Dropbox et al with full production (I think Steve F was among others IIRC)?


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Simon Perkins

Hmm, I remember you posting a while back that you were happy with DB.  Maybe I'll use it for revisiting PPT/Studio projects that need editing etc because that at least means all files paths can be maintained.  Think I'll give HG a whirl for SL projects because with both machines being in the same place there "shouldnt'" be any sync-related risks.

Cheers Steve

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