Using Markers for Menu?

Mar 10, 2022

I have a .mp4 that includes questions. I want the user, from the menu, to be able to go directly to the specific question. I inserted markers but uncertain how to make them part of the menu. 
Another option I have considered was using slides but read that I am unable to make audio track play across all slides.

thank you in advance.

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Veronica Budnikas

Hi Sharria,

When you say the 'menu' do you mean the SL built-in menu? If that's the case, then no, you cannot insert markers in that menu. If you made a custom menu, then you could. Would be good to have a look at the file if you can share to get a clearer picture of what you want to achieve.

Walt Hamilton

Grab Audacity, a free audio editor. cut the audio track into smaller pieces (which, by the way, is not only probably the only way to do what you want, but also best practice for this sort of thing.) Cut the audio right at the spot where you want the first marker to appear and put that section on slide 1. Create a trigger to jump to slide 2 when the media completes. On slide 2, put the next section of audio, with the marker showing.

Give the slides the names you want to show on the menu. Then edit the menu, according to what you want. If you want the learner to  use the menu to jump to the questions, delete from the menu the audio slides. If you want the learner to use the menu to listen to the audio and click on the marker to go to the questions, delete the audio slides from the menu.

Also, you need to move the video to the bottom of the timeline, so the markers are above it and will show. If you need the black rectangle, it needs to be moved to below the video, too.