Using multiple passwords for branching in Storyline

Apr 29, 2013

Hello everyone,

I am using Storyline to create an interactive infographic providing information to leaders at three different levels within our company.  There is general information all leaders regardless of level need to access which I have placed within its own scene at the beginning.  I would then like to have the leaders branch off based on their assigned level.  I have created three different scenes that correspond to leadership levels - senior, division, and team.  I would like to use a password to restrict access to the leader's assigned level.  For instance, a division leader should only be able to access their specific information and not the information intended for senior leaders so they will have a password that differs from senior leaders directing them to the corresponding scene.  I think I should be able to use variables to create this branching functionality but cannot wrap my mind around how exactly to do it.  I basically need to use three unique passwords that will send leaders down the branch assigned to each one.  Does anyone have any ideas?  Any assistance will be greatly appreciated! 


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Helen Tyson

Hi Shawnda

if you add a text entry field to a slide it will create a text variable for you, and the users can type the password they have been given into this field.  You then create three triggers to move onto the different slides each of which has a condition attached so it only works if the variable has a specific value.



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