Using Question Banks for General Content?

Jun 29, 2018

I just discovered Question Banks for some student Questions and they look excellent so far, except when importing from project to project you loose the banks.


Anyhow, what I am about to do for my project is to just put general slides into Question Banks because

  1. I find it so easy to manage the content 
  2. It's also easier for me to manage the menu and  show the slide names of a question bank within the menu. If I move the question bank, the content moves automatically.

My question is, will I run into any trouble if I take this approach for general slides?


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi GS,

I'm not entirely clear on how you'd like to use the Question bank setup for your general content - but those should carry through upon an import. You'd have to select the Question draw slide in addition to the bank of questions itself, which are typically towards the bottom of the import screen.

Keep in mind you'll want to follow the directions here to import slides from one project to another and make sure your files adhere to these guidelines/best practices. Not working locally or having long filenames/paths is known to cause some really odd behavior ultimately leading to corruption. 

If you're using the banks for general organization, I can't see any issues that would cause, but if you do run into something we're here to help!  


ok thanks

I find that the question banks make it easy if I have a project with 5 chapters and each chapter has 10 slides. If I put the slides into a question bank, then if i move the question banks the contents move with them.

I just find that I spend too much time organizing the menu as I change my project. Maybe better planning would work too, but that's in an ideal world.

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