Using same question bank X times without drawing same question?

Nov 06, 2013

Hi all

I would like to create a game in Storyline that goes like this:

  • we have a central board with several areas
  • users click each area in turns to answer 1 question randomly drew from the corresponding question bank.
  • each area is linked to a question bank of 3-5 questions
  • after answering 1 question from the bank, it goes back to the central board
  • the game finishes when users have a score (controlled by a variable) of 20. I give 1 point per correct answer.

Problem: I don't want them to answer the same question twice (unless it was previously incorrect). Is there a way to re-draw from a question bank without seeing the same question?

I have tried to add a variable per question. The variable = true once users click the Submit button the first time. When they come back, if the variable is true, it should skip this question and automatically moves to the next question randomly chosen. But in practice there is no "skip question" action. Any suggestion?

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Helene,

I wanted to point you to this thread, where there is a great example from Pat of how to draw questions randomly and ensure you don't get the same question twice - but you'll also see Christine's answer at the beginning of the thread about how questions are drawn and why there may be repeats. 

It may also help the community offer you other suggestions if you're able to share your .story file here with us to look at what you've already set up. 

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