Using Storyline with Oracle Taleo Learn

Dec 16, 2016

We have increasingly frequent issues using Storyline with Oracle's [Taleo] Learn platform. We've grown to reluctantly accept there are many Storyline features we simply can't use with it but the number and types of incompatibility issues is starting to really kill us. We test our stuff in MOODLE and on SCORMcloud, among other things, so we know that these issues are with "Learn."

If anyone out there knows of any resources, articles, posts, anything that could help us out--or can offer your own experience--we'd be most grateful.

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Leslie McKerchie

Hey Jay - sorry to hear that and thanks for clarifying what you are looking for here and letting us know the environmental testing you've done.

Hopefully some fellow users will chime in to assist. I'm going to share some other links where users mention utilizing this platform and feel free to reach out directly via the 'Contact Me' option on the user profile if needed as well.

Taleo Learn LMS

Storyline courses on Taleo

Scorm published course to Taleo Oracle system

Hope that helps a bit - good luck!

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