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Feb 27, 2013

I have two questions really about using the iPad app.

1. Do you have to select anything specific when publishing your course to be able to use the app? I know you do in order to output to html5. I would assume you don't and that the app basically is interpreting what you have published and presenting it to you on your ipad. Are my assumptions correct?

2. A colleague was looking at my content on his ipad after installing the app. the option to get the app appeared automatically after pointing his browser to my course. I have one screen that has three buttons that the user must select in order to proceed to the next screen. The buttons are set to change state to selected and this is what triggers the ability to move on the next screen.  He presses the screen with his finder to select the button but only the title of the button appears with out fully expanding to show all the text that should be displaying. This obviously does not result in the buttons state changing. The warning message appears as expected but we are not seeing any way to fully select the buttons. I looked at the chart of what features work in what format, html, html 5, ipad app and it appears to me that this is a feature that should be working. What am I missing?


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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Jesse!

1.) The only option you'll need to make sure you've selected is the "Use Articulate Mobile Player on iPad". Sounds like you've already done this, if the course is launching in the app.

Without seeing the course, I'm not sure what to suggest. Are any of the buttons you're using grouped? if so, are you able to try removing them from the group and see if that makes a difference? 

Have you tested this outside of the app, on your PC, by any chance? If not, please try testing it through a browser (after it's been uploaded to a web server or LMS) and let me know if the buttons function properly here. 

Sara Tindall


I'm struggling to make a published articulate storyline course work on the Articulate app on my iPad.  I have published it using SCORM 1.2 ticking the relevant boxes about using articulate mobile player.  I've published on our moodle site using the SCORM tool.  However, when I open it on my iPad in the browser there is no prompt to open on the app.  Viewing it on the browser, it doesn't display very well so I really need to app to work.  Any guidance greatly appreciated.

Sara Tindall

Thanks for your quick response but I am still having problems. 

I publish in two ways ticking all the boxes about mobile devices.

- Web & LMS (SCORM 1.2) giving me a zip folder

On moodle, I upload the LMS one to publish the course for desktop machines and this works fine.  However, whatever combination of file uploads I try I can't seem to get a link to the articulate app on my iPad.

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