Using the Print Widget in Storyline 2

Dec 19, 2014

I'm trying to set up the print widget so students can print slides (actually, I'm hoping that as a next step, I can print slides to file and make powerpoint handouts, but one step at a time!).

I'm having some problems. First, I added the widget to my template as instructed in the widget file. I added it to the master template. Then I found that the print button was always covered up by the content of my slides.

So I took screengrabs of my slide backgrounds and created a little transparent square where the print button goes. Saved as PNG, and made them my slide backgrounds again, deleting the versions with no transparent hole (i.e.  So far so good, in articulate storyline, I can see the print button as I'm editing my slides.

I can't see the print button when I preview my slides (using the preview feature). I can't see it when I publish the project and work on my computer. I can't see it if I upload the project to blackboard and view it there. I tried uploading the sample that the widget comes with to BB and that works, so it's not something about BB.

I also suspected that the image might not be transparent once it previews or publishes, so I tried the print button on a blank slide with no images or backgrounds and there's still no print button.

I have three big questions:

1. What could I be doing wrong that is making the widget not work?

2. How do I edit the default template so that it will automatically add the print widget to new storylines? Is just adding to the master template enough or am I supposed to be adding to each layout that goes with the master? I tried that and ended up with multiple print buttons.

3. Is there any way to get the print button always on top, other than making any backgrounds that I have transparent?

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