Using triggers with variables to review a course


I am a bit stuck on using triggers with variables and wondering if anyone here can help me please.

I am looking to see if I can get learners to review a course after they completed it. Here is what I am trying to achieve:

  1. The 'Welcome Page' has the triggers to the rectangles (Topic 1 etc), linking to a specific slide, disabled to ensure learners click through the course and complete it fully.  
  2. Once the learners have reached the 'END' slide they will be able to review the course. There is a button which takes them back to the Welcome Page.
  3. Once they reach the Welcome Page, the triggers in the rectangles will be enabled so that learners can enter a specific topic of their choice. 
  4. The Home buttons in the slides will turn from 'hidden' to 'normal' once learners have clicked to review course, enabling them to return to the main menu which in this case is the Welcome Page.

To achieve this I created a project variable (T/F) which I have used to unhide the home buttons and allow the user to click on each rectangle in the Welcome Page to enter a specific slide.

In doing this, once I clicked the course review and entered the Welcome Page again, I noticed the following:

  • Only  the trigger in 'Topic 1' rectangle in the Welcome Page works properly.
  • The rest of the rectangles cannot be modified to allow me to click on the correct corresponding slide e.g. Topic 1 to slide 1.2, Topic 2 to slide 1.3 and Topic 3 to slide 1.4.

It appears the rectangles are duplicates of each other and whenever I try to modify the triggers on each rectangle it defaults to the same one, so that only Topic 1 rectangle works.

Perhaps I am missing a trigger or have been doing it wrong or what I am attempting to achieve isn't achievable. 

I have been using various forum discussions and found this article a good read for this:

I will be super grateful if anyone knows or can please shed some light on this as I'm truly stuck. I have been using Storyline 3 and tested on 360 to no avail.

Attached is the file I have been testing for reference.

Many thanks!


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Anja Stosic

I'm not sure why it didn't work for me initially. I have the same issue on a different story file I'm working. I created the exact same variables and triggers, and they won't work. Wondering if it might be the file that's bugged or the app itself. The file I uploaded here is a dummy file and seems to be working ok so far. 

Crystal Horn

Hi there, Anja. Make sure you're working with new triggers and not just editing the same trigger on the initial button. I've seen that happen. Instead of duplicating the trigger, it's easy to just edit the same one.

If it feels like Storyline 3 is behaving erratically, though, please try this repair. Let me know if you need more help!