Using variables and repeat visits

Hello all, 

Would really appreciate your help on this - I am jumping from one slide to the next and what appears on the next slide is dictated by variables. I have three speech bubbles on the initial slide, if they click on either of two of the speech bubbles they will be presented with the same two speech bubbles on the next slide. If they click on the other remaining speech bubble on the initial slide they will be presented with only one of the speech bubbles on the next slide that they would have seen with the other two options, and an additional speech bubble which is unique to that option.

I have a back button to return to the initial slide. The problem I have is that I am able to run through all three options and it works the first time. But if I  want to go back and try again, the variables that appear on the second slide are stuck to those I chose the first time. I've tried resetting the slide to it's initial state but it doesn't help. It still remembers the variables from my previous attempt. Has anyone experienced a similar issue? 


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Steve Flowers

Hi, Marion - 

Variables are persistent and aren't tied to the slide at all. To reset those, you'll need to setup a trigger to adjust the values. On your first slide, you can setup a group of triggers to set your variables back to a default state. That would give you a fresh run each time through.