Using variables on slide

Jun 03, 2013

Hi everybody,

I build a course in Storyline. I would like to use a variable function in slide. In layer I have object. If user click to this object sytem build variable. This variable I would like to use for change state of other object on my slide.

My first step: set up Trigger Wizard on first object

  1. Action= Adjust variable
  2. Variable= name of variable is m6s1close, type= true/false, value= true
  3. operator = Assignment
  4. Value variable = m6s1close (thi is a name of variable)
  5. When = user click
  6. Object = Multiply 1

My second step: set up Trigger Wizard on second object

  1. Action = Change state of
  2. On object = name of secon object
  3. To state= Normal
  4. When= Variable changes
  5. Variable= m6s1close
  6. On Condition= m6s1close == Equal to True

I test it in preview, but it does not work. Where is a problem? Help me somebody, please?

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