Using variables to set the slide to a saved state when revisiting

Oct 31, 2018

Hi there,

I am using variables with layers to block a user from moving forward until all objects have been clicked. When the user does move forward by clicking the next button and then returns back to the previous slide I don't want them to be blocked again, so basically have all variables set to true upon the revisit.  (the slide setting options don't work when I set to 'resume to saved state'). So is there a simple way to program all variables be set to true to achieve what I want to have happen?

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Christine Hounsham

HI Lianne, 

I haven't got SL open in front of me at the moment so haven't tested but what if you added a trigger on the next page that adjusted a T/F variable that can control the next button on the earlier page.  

i.e. create a variable PgXNextv, set to False

On next page (i.e. X+1) add a trigger 'adjust variable PgXNextv to True when t/l starts on this slide'. 

Then on your page X add the trigger 'change state of next button to normal when t/l, on condition that variable PgXNextv is = true'.  You will probably need to make sure this trigger is higher in the list from your other change state next button trigger which is tied to the objects visited trigger to ensure it reads this one first on re-entry. 

Hope this works.  If not can adjust when i'm back on SL. 

Ta Christine

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