Using variables with layers

I am trying to use variables to have a slide advance after the user has viewed all of the layers.  Each layer has a variable and each layer is set to update the variable value to true when the user clicks a button (and the layer hides when the user clicks). The update variable trigger is at the top. The revisit is set to automatically decide.  On the main layer,  there are triggers to change the state of a rectangle to visited when the timeline starts if each variable is true. (These are at the top). And there is a trigger to jump to the desired slide when the state of all the rectangles is visited and all of the variables are true.  The slide properties are set to advance by user and reset to initial state.  BUT, it isn't working.  It's not jumping to the next slide.  I have done this with scenes before with great success, but not with layers. Where am I going wrong?

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Ellen Wahlen

I kept playing with it and finally figured out that it works with layers if I don’t use variables, but set the trigger to change the state on each layer. (I was changing the variable on the layer and changing the states on the main layer.)
Thank you.

(PS, I love Storyline!)