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Jan 02, 2013

Happy New Year everyone!

For a training module, we want to integrate virtual tours into Storyline like the sample shown here: . Of course, I can call the virtual tour (combination of HTML, Javascript and a panoramic image) as a web object from within Storyline …no problem. Users can pan around the scene and even click on hotspots (there are two blue sample hotspots close to the camera on the ice) But what we really want to achieve is this:

When a user clicks one of the hotspots, a variable should be passed on FROM the virtual tour TO Storyline, which can be used INSIDE SToryline as a score or for branching.

I wonder if you know of someone who has used virtual tours with Storyline and could shed some light on the communications between the virtual tour element and Storyline.

Any suggestions/contacts would be very much appreciated!

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Steve Flowers

Hey, Michael - 

Pretty neat solution. Did you try to access the player via a parent reference? If you're on the same domain (which you'd have to be to use the Cookie solution, parent reference should get you out of the iFrame of the WebObject.

var player=parent.GetPlayer();


Michael Hinze
Adebowale Aduloju

Hi Michael, I would like to create a virtual tour for my company, but the challenge is that the html output from Pano2vr did not work in storyline. Is there a way you can help out with this?

I used a different tool (TourWeaver) and displayed the published content in a Storyline webobject. I would imagine the process to be the same with Pano2vr. If your tour works in a browser window then it should work in a Storyline webobject.

Michael Hinze
Adebowale Aduloju
Michael Hinze

If your tour works in a browser window then it should work in a Storyline webobject.

You're very right, I realised that the pano2vr created a localhost itself before it can launch the panorama view in a browser window.

I will try the Tourweaver as suggested


Here is a Pano2vr tour (from their website) running in a Storyline webobject.

Nick Barr

Hi Michael, all this is really useful but I am still struggling with it a little. I have take a photo with my Gear 360 cam, I have managed to import it into tourweaver, but now I am a bit stuck. Is it possible for hotspots on the image to pop up layers in Storyline or does it all have to be built into Tourweaver? Also, as I have never used Javascript, could you give me a little more guidance on that part please? Any help would be hugely appreciated, my boss really wants me to incorporate these images into a health and safety eLearning.

Michael Hinze

Sorry, I can't share the virtual tour file and without it the Storyline file is useless. Here is a brief blog post with some info on the Javascript snippet to pass the 'click values' from the published tour into Storyline via a cookie. This was specific to this tour file (and a project requirement). There should be a way to pass click info from the tour file DIRECTLY into Storyline variables (without using a cookie).

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