using visited states on a menu

Jun 30, 2014

I have created a Storyline slide with a menu and four layers. Each object opens a layer and at the end of the layer timeline, I have a trigger that changes the state of the object to visited. The layer properties hide the layer when the timeline has ended. There is a trigger on the  main layer to jump to the next slide when all of the objects are in the visited state. This part is working fine, the objects are changing states and the slide is advancing when all have been viewed.  My problem is that if the user wants to revisit a layer, and they click on the object, they don't go to the layer! The main slide properties are set to advance automatically and when revisiting, automatically decide. Each layer is also set to automatically decide when revisiting.  How can i allow the user to revisit a layer once it has been set to the visited state? 

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